Thursday, November 4, 2010

Not Sewing But Knitting!

I have taught myself how to knit! I've only used single knitting needles so far but find it very fun but a bit slow. I'm sure my speed will improve as time goes on. I bought some "round" needles but haven't tried to use them. I still need some double point needles so I can try out new patterns. This is one of the only newborn hat patterns I have found that you sew up the side.

I'm making 2 hats for Elliot (Here Comes the Sun). One baby blue wool hat and a bright yellow. The wool hat turned out much smaller then the others but that's okay because he will most likely be born early. I used the same needles and the same pattern so I don't know what happened. Maybe it's the yarn? We'll see about the yellow one when I'm done with it.

My next hat will be from this supper soft pink yarn. Next up will be baby booties!! Hopefully I will sew again one day. I have so many cute patterns I want to try out for the little girl.

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