Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School Time- Ethan's Stuff

My almost 20 month old (sniff, sniff) will be starting a Mother's Day Out program on Friday :) and he needed a few things- Lunch Bag, Diaper Bag and Nap Mat. Well, this sewing Mama wasn't going to go and *buy* any of that!
Lunch Bag. You think they will know who it belongs too?

I forgot to add a handle and I couldn't get him to hold it.

He loves his nap mat!!
I used this tut from Prudent Baby. Let me just tell you, if you make this nap mat, make sure to have extra straight pins and machine needles because you will bend many pins and break many needles! I think I broke 3? I made mine pretty thick because I wanted him to be comfortable for his naps. It may be the last mat I ever make him! He will just have to sleep with his legs curled for a few years :)

My hopes are that they will use his cloth diapers and not make me buy disposables so I made him a diaper bag and bought a great zippered wet bag from Sarah at Star Crossed Stitches. We go to meet the teachers today and I will ask them (beg) to use his very easy BGs!!

Wish us both luck for Friday! I'm sure he will be fine but I don't know what I'm going to do for 4 hours without him. I'll probably just sleep or sew.


Alida L. said...

Those are fantastic! I look at things the same way you do...why would I buy that when I could make it? When I drop Caroline off at drop-in daycare they are great about her cloth diapers. She is allergic to disposables, so we really don't have much choice though. Good luck!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Loved Ethan's special things... did you know that once Dana got invited to a sleepover at the Mayor's daughters home( very posh) We had no sleeping bag or money for one. I made her one in the shape of a panda....and all those posh little girls and mums wanted to know what Boutique we got them at? Too funny. Love all your sewing projects.

Brandy said...

great job! I love all his stuff.

Vicki said...

Wow, Melissa!! How beautiful!! And you're right, no one will ever get his things confused with anyone's!!

And you'll get a mini-vacation every week!! Relax and enjoy!!

MommieV said...

Awesome bags! Crossed fingers for you on the diapers - my daycare does cloth, and more people are ok, especially with pockets. It's not like they're all that different from the design of sposies.

My little one is so sensitive to sposies that unless she has cream on, she breaks out. So I emphasized that to daycare, and they are great with it.